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Favorite Characters June 4, 2008

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As we all might know, Megaman is about 15-20 years old. It has been a popular game which concentrates in the robotic world. Advaces in robotics are superior as well as the internet. In the new installation of the megaman starforce franchise Geo our main character befriends an AM alien named Omega-Xis (War Rock in the japanese). Together they became Megaman. EM waves seem to connect through emotions. The stronger the emotion the stronger the wave human is. Anyways the story revolves around Solo (Burai or Bly in japanese) attempts to find Mu the lost continent. There are two versions of the game- Zerker X Shinobi and Zerker X Dinosaur. If you get the game I think you will have fun playing.   

     Ryusei-no-Rockman-logo-(JPN).jpg   Pat, Luna, Bud, Zack, Sonia, and Geo.

EM Waves June 4, 2008

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EM is short for electromagenetic waves.  It is a wave in space or transparent matter. How does this relate to my subject? Well, in the starforce series, EM waves control the futuristic world. Everything is connected by these waves. with special glasses Geo (Subaru in the japanese), the protagonist can see the wave world. EM radiation carries energy and momentum, which may be imparted when it interacts with matter. 

Electromagnetic waves were first postulated by James Clerk Maxwell and subsequently confirmed by Heinrich Hertz. Maxwell derived a wave form of the electric and magnetic equations, revealing the wave-like nature of electric and magnetic fields, and their symmetry. Because the speed of EM waves predicted by the wave equation coincided with the measured speed of light, Maxwell concluded that light itself is an EM wave.

     Electromagnetic spectrum with light highlighted

Continent of Mu June 3, 2008

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Mu is the name of a hypothetical lost continent, which is thought to have been located in the Pacific Ocean before it sank beneath the waters, similar to Atlantis and Lemuria, with which it is sometimes identified.

Like many video games and books programmers or writers use mythological allusions to create a person or any being. It adds a sense of wonder when playing or reading. We can’t just play to play. Sometimes we can learn a lot from the game’s origins. Game designers probaly use the following to develop a brand new game.

  • mythological legends
  • old stories
  • imagination
  • creativity

The Morien Institute has suggested that underwater structures located off the coast of Yonaguni, Okinawa, Japan are possibly ruins of Mu.[13] In a video news report, CNN mistakenly referred to the site as the “ruins of the lost world of Muin”.

Easter Island with Moai showing locations of Ahus, and submarine Contour lines showing the depth of the surrounding Pacific Ocean  Underwater structures controversially identified as remnants of Mu, near Yonaguni, Japan

Stars and Constellations June 3, 2008

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Most of the characters in the game have a connection with stars such as Draco, the dragon constellation, Leo, the lion constellation and Pegasus, the winged-horse constellation. All of thse characters have an interesting background. This game is set in the future whre everything is generated by em waves, or electromagnetic waves. That would be something different. Voice acting can also be heard similar to the battle network for the DS.

      Photo of the familiar constellation Orion.   Orion is a remarkable constellation, visible from most places on the globe at one time or another during the year. The constellation of Orion is the area outlined in the dashed yellow line. Orion contains a striking and well-known star pattern that has the form of a hunter.

Hello world! New Games in June June 1, 2008

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What to talk about? Believe it or not there are a few days until school is over. What does that mean for us? of course it menas vacation while others are worrying about college. That is understandable but if you like to play video games the new installation of the megaman star force is coming around the 18th of June if not later. if you liked the first starforce I am sure you will like this one. What other games do you recommend for this summer. If you have ever played any of the battle network games you know this is a fun game. the battle field is evne in 3-D. There are two versions that will be available. Enjoy summer vacation!

A screenshot depicting a battle sequence against EM Wave Viruses using the Green Shinobi form.